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3 Traps that block your access to the creative flow

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Before I talk about the 3 traps let me give a quick explanation of what is the Creative Flow. I define the Creative Flow as a universal channel where all the creative ideas, all the innovative solutions, all the answers to all the questions we are seeking can be found. If you are a creative person or an entrepreneur you have probably noticed that most of the times when you come up with an idea , somebody else , somewhere else, around the same or different time has already came up with that same idea or very similar to that idea! That is because everyone has access to the same channel however, in order for us to access this channel we need to get in tune with it through a very deep relaxation practice.

Now, lets talk about the 3 traps that can block your access to the Creative Flow:

Trap #1: Self-judgment, Self-sabotaging Behaviours & Overthinking:

We must treat ourselves with love and respect, like our very best friend, if you find yourself judging yourself too often in a tone and manners that you wouldn't talk to your best friend, you are definitely being too harsh on yourself. When deep down in our heart we do not believe that we are lovable and worthy of respect and appreciation we tend to develop self-sabotaging behaviours such as not accepting positive compliments. Of course this is also rooted from a lack of self-confidence and self-steam. However, too much judgement leads to overthinking which by itself consumes a lot of mental and body’s energy. for example If you cannot decide what to wear, it is because you are overthinking. And, when the mind is filled and activated with too many thoughts and unsettling emotions there is not much room left for creativity because accessing the creative flow requires an empty space in mind. Creativity happens and grows in the fertile land of emptiness. Watch the video below to learn about some of the strategies I suggest to get rid of this trap.

Trap #2: Engaging with Negativity:

We often look for feedback, approval or a mentor to get advice on our creative projects. Unfortunately, not everyone we turn to is a suitable candidate to receive advice from. Some of these people will make you believe that they do not encourage your creative activities or business idea out of care, love and wanting the best for you. They paint an illusion that the path you want to create is not a good one, it is dangerous, hopeless, dead-end, unachievable or impossible. Of course there are always lots of nay-sayers. One of the traps to not fall into is to not believe in these forces who are constantly pulling us towards the opposite direction and not giving up our hope because of their words or actions. It is worth to say that some of these individuals who seem to not be agreeable with your thoughts and ideas actually do so, just so they can steal your ideas without appearing suspicious! While you may find yourself constantly trying to impress them, they masterfully manipulate you and discourage you to take any actions, then they go ahead with your ideas and take all the credits for them. And you cannot claim an idea you never executed or put your name on it, can you?

You do not need anyone’s approval to start your creative project, And, the truth is the only person you should impress is only and only yourself. The only person you should compete with, if ever, is only and only yourself.

Trap #3: Remaining in Toxicity :

After identifying toxic individuals and environments it becomes very clear which relationships you should remain in. Cutting ties or decreasing your exposure might become necessary and usually cutting ties whether it is a romantic, family or work relationship involves in moving and change of environment. Being aware of the toxicity and remaining in it can be very energy draining and therefore can keep you behind the gates of the Creative Flow. Creating a support system, a safe and peaceful space where you can deeply relax and enjoy is essential for getting into the Creative Flow.

To learn more in depth please watch this video :

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