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I am a multidisciplinary artist living and working in the city of Calgary. I received my first artistic award at the age of nine and have been practicing visual arts professionally ever since.


I believe I have two main missions as an artist:


1) continue producing more art 

2) promote the values, benefits, and importance of the arts within our multicultural society.


I have put a considerable amount of effort into advocating for the arts in every city that I have lived in. In 2015, I founded LOUD Art Society, a non-profit organization that promotes positive mental health and wellbeing through art and creative practices.


Through LOUD, I have offered access to public art education and art therapy, and have promoted art making as a necessary practice for cultivating positive psychological frameworks and developing higher emotional intelligence.


Much of my artistic practice is informed by community connection, through public art projects, murals, and workshops that key into art-making and mental health. I have produced over 300 artworks including, paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, murals, and performance, and I have presented my work with institutions around the world including the State of Hermitage Museum in Russia. I have selected my favourite pieces to present on this website. 


As a creative person, I try not to miss any opportunity that may expand my knowledge, skills, and experience, or nurture my talents and curiosity further. I study and learn from other artists and scholars to come up with my own designs, patterns, and techniques.


My strategy for art-making is a combination of research and intuition. Medium, style, and the art-making process itself often play a significant role in representing my ideas. I identify my work mainly as conceptual and surrealistic.


Bright colours, pattern-making, found objects, and newspaper are elements that I return to throughout my practice, and are informed by my research on the metaphysical and its ties to humanity, empathy, and joy.


At the heart of my practice is a deep appreciation of the power of the arts to change lives for the better. My ongoing series of woven newspaper sculptures, for example, reframe materials that exacerbate mental health issues for many, to speak to humanity’s ability to take uncertainty and pain and transform it slowly and intentionally, into something beautiful and unexpected.

What people are saying:

Tropical Leaves

Ehab Iskaner 


Very informative and inspiring. I must say that I’m also very intrigued by your authenticity and courage to be vulnerable

( present your art as you see it) 
 I’m definitely a fan of yours and love the ideas conveyed by your art. Wish I know the meaning of all of them ...haha.
Thanks again for sharing your work of art. Love it!

Tropical Leaves

Madan Lal


Excellent Work... I like your concept & execution of transformation in different material 🏵️🏵️🌈🌈

Tropical Leaves

The freedom of expression and powerful symbolism in your art is refreshing. I like the positive messaging and that you don't warp the figure of the human body. Feels real!

Tropical Leaves

You definitely brought a smile to my face Tara! Thank you

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