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I am living and working in the city of Calgary. I received my first artistic award at age nine and  have been practicing visual arts professionally since then.

I believe I have two main missions as an artist:

1) continue producing more art ,2) promote arts values, its benefits and importance in our multicultural society. I have put a considerable amount of effort into advocating for arts in  every city I have ever lived . In 2015 I founded LOUD Art Society  in the city of Calgary  and started providing access to public art education, art practice and promoting art as a practice for positive psychology and development of higher emotional intelligence.

I have produced over 300 pieces of artworks from paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, murals to performances throughout my artistic practice and I have presented my art at various locations around the world including the State of Hermitage Museum in Russia. I have selected my most favourite pieces to present in this website. 


As a creative person, I try not to miss any opportunity that may expand my knowledge, skills, experience and nurture my talents  and curiosity further. I study and learn from other artists and scholars to come up with my own designs, patterns and techniques. My strategy for art making is a combination of research and intuition. Choice of medium, style and the art making process itself are often playing a significant role in representing my ideas. I identify my work mainly as conceptual and surrealistic. Usage of newspaper and bright colours are some of the elements that have become part of my artistic brand over the years which I believe are tied to my research on metaphysical aspects of humanity, empathy and my upcoming book “Self-Therapy Through Art & Creativity”

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