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Inside The Heart Sculpture- a Large heart made of Woven Newspaper by Tara Vahab

"Inside the Heart is about all of our hearts!" Here is the short video about one of my most recent public artworks "Inside The Heart" I created this piece during my art residency @Residence Inn by Marriott Calgary Downtown.

Everytime the heart breaks, it opens up even more.

Everytime the heart shatters, more light enters inside.

"Inside The Heart" is inside all of our hearts.

Our life is full of stories. Stories we tell ourselves. Stories we hear from others, all the stressful news we hear and all the things that are happening around us. Do not let all of this dishearten you and make your heart heavy.

Our hearts must be empty. Empty from anger, empty from sorrows, empty from envy, empty from resentments, from worries and fears.

Our life is defined by the thoughts we have today. So, do not let the pain of the past, and the worries of tomorrow define your today. We have to have a light heart about the present and the future.

We need to let go of heavy emotions. Make room for happiness. Make room for love, for love enters an empty heart.

I have woven over 300 pages of newspaper to create this very light sculpture. I hope it ignites your sense of curiosity and brings you some joy!

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