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How To Embrace Uncertainty?

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

What bothers us creative people the most about facing the uncertainty caused by the pandemic?

The financial impact?

Weren't we impacted before the pandemic too?

That means some of us are hit even harder!

What is one cannot afford renting a space to live or work at anymore? Are they going to look for new roommates? Are they going to move back with their family?

What if they cannot pay for their student loans? What is they get infected bu Covid-19?

All the what ifs.....

In this video I briefly give tips and strategies to embrace the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. However, above all , I am intending to bring a smile on my viewer's face and help to improve mental, physical and emotional health of creative professionals. Please watch until the end and feel free to contact me for more information or guidance. This video was made for Elephant Artist Relief Society's Umbrella Talks 2020 To lean more about EAR please visit their channel:

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